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Step into the fascinating world of Leica photography. The new Ernst Leitz Museum in Wetzlar opens its doors to everyone who wants to touch, shape and understand photography. Discover great photographers in the temporary exhibitions and go on an interactive expedition between history and innovative technology that will not only make your head "click".


Train your eye, be impressed by various optical phenomena and learn more about perception in general. Also discover the oversized aperture in the large panorama window and find out what happens when you approach it. Or learn details of image composition and let different frames, filters, colours and lines inspire your own ideas.


Learn more about the basic rules of photography and what influence different factors can have on photographs. Settings on various topics invite you to experiment yourself: Reflections, light and shadow, colour moods, movement and wind offer opportunities for unusual photos and show the versatile possibilities and facets of creative image composition. Take a professional self-portrait and take the shots home as a souvenir.


Immerse yourself in Leica's rich corporate history and browse through Oskar Barnack's workshop book. Which shutter sound belongs to which Leica camera? Test your hearing or build a lens yourself and follow the live simulation of the beam path on a monitor. Finally, in our interactive "darkroom" you will experience all the steps of analogue development - and can test this directly on a picture you have taken yourself.

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Discover the diverse temporary exhibitions at the Ernst Leitz Museum with renowned photographers from all over the world and find out more about our special exhibitions.

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Impressive prints, coffee table books, postcards and much more! Take a piece of Leica home with you or find exceptional gifts for art lovers and photographers all year round.

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