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A tour through the Leica Archive.

Get exclusive insights into the history of Leica cameras.

Curious about the Leica Archive? Then this is just the right tour for you! We open the archive for 90 minutes to those who are interested in the Leica legend and for whom a peek through the museum window is not enough. During the guided tour, you can expect comprehensive and exclusive insights into historical drawings and manuals, a collection of Leica cameras as well as lenses up to the first series, curious products - which were never produced, shipping books up to the 1960s and much more. Your guide has insider knowledge about each exhibit and impresses you with exciting details about the product history.

Please note: This tour is only available in English on request.

Before your tour of the archive, why not visit the Leica Gallery and let yourself be captivated by the expressive images or take a stroll through the museum?

Would you like to give someone a gift? Then why not give a Leica tour as a gift?


15,- Euro per person

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